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Better Box Reveal: April 2020

This month we are happy to bring you Ponzi Scheme from Tasty Minstrel. This game is a blast and a good game if you are locked at home with the family.

First thing first, normally we are not fans of paper money in games, but it makes sense for this game 100%. Also, the money is nice and of a good quality. In Ponzi Scheme you are trying to manage a ponzi scheme and be the last player to still be in play. This is a game where everyone will eventually lose, but you are just fighting to not be the first loser.

If you are not familiar with a ponzi scheme, you are getting people to invest in a fake business in exchange for future profits. But, the profits really come from future investors. This game shadows that concept extremely well. You will get money taking cards and getting industries but will have a higher dollar amount to pay in later turns, forcing you to get bigger investors next time. At some point it does catch up with you and you won’t be able to pay and will lose. The higher the dollar amount now also means the higher dollar amount later you will have to pay.

You also can trade different industry tiles by trading money for tiles. This is where the game gets more interesting. You are secretly putting money in an envelope and offering it to other players for industry tiles. The interesting part is they can double what you put in and get your tile from you. On top of all this you also have to try and manage the stock market from crashing, which is another whole different level to the game.

Overall, Ponzi Scheme is as complex as the real thing. Being good at it takes a lot of thinking, managing money, and being able to try and predict the outcome. Not sure what it says about anyone who ends up being really good at this game, but either way it is a ton of fun. The fact that going into the game you know that everyone will lose, but you are just trying to be the last one to lose is a fun and different spin. We have pulled this game out numerous times and it is always interesting. Hopefully you will have the same luck as us with it.

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