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Better Box Reveal: February 2020

This month we have Gunkimono from Renegade Games. This is a game set in feudal japan where you are fighting for territory and control by marshaling your troops. We misplayed it the first time and still liked the game, but once we played again the correct way it was even better and we knew we had to send it.

You are placing tiles on the game board to try and either match colors for paths to get victory points or for honor points to get your strongholds out. You can decide which route you want to go. Victory points move you ahead now, but the strongholds get you more points later in the game. You also can stack your tiles can help build up your color runs or block opponents. There is also a handful of single tiles that you can use to get points with just the one piece or to place it upside down to support one of your double tiles. The game gets very interesting because you have to decide on whether you want to get points or block opponents from getting points as the game goes on, which is one of the things we really love about the game.

We did have some trouble with colors looking so similar in this game. The images on each color are different, but is not noticeable right off the bat. Like what was mentioned above the first time we played wrong and still liked it all things considered. Once we read over the rules again we knew we had to give it another shot. Once we played it correctly it was instantly more difficult because the decisions became more important. We know you are going to enjoy this game.

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