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Better Box Reveal: January 2020

For this inagural month of our relaunched Better Box, we bring you Bosk from Floodgate Games. This has got to be one of the most beautiful games we have ever sent.

In addition to the beautiful of artwork of Kwanchai Moriya, this is a super solid game that is quick to learn but challenging to master. Playing and scaling well from 2-4 players, each player chooses a tree color to start the game. Players take turn placing their trees numbered 1-4 on the grid. Scoring takes place for each row and column after all trees are placed.

Next, the wind blows the leaves off the tree and players drop leaves from their trees to gain majority in the board areas for final game scoring. Each round the wind blows a different direction. The first 4 rounds the game tells you which number tree you have to drop leaves from and the last 4 rounds it’s up to you to choose.

To make things even better, you even get a Squirrel token that can lock your leaves from being covered by other players later! Such simple rules, but so many decisions to make. This game will keep you playing over and over again. It’s only a 30-45 minute play time, so it will be easy to play several times in an evening with friends. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

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