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Better Box Reveal: July 2020

This month we bring you Watson and Holmes from Asmodee. This game is for 2-7 players and takes around 45-75 minutes. In this game you are trying to solve different cases faster than anyone else in the game. It has some remnants of Clue, but a much more evolved version. There are 13 cases in this game so there is a lot of game time in one box to uncover and explore.

To start things off this game plays good at any player count, but definitely gets more hectic with more players. It is very hard to find a game that works with 2 as well as it does with 7. The sweet spot probably is somewhere in the middle with 3-5 but will work well with any player count. Players are investigating different locations trying to figure out clues before the other players. Each case is different and has different things to find out. You will have to bid to get to the location you want but have to make sure you take good notes and try to figure out what important information is at that location if any. Even something small can make a difference.

One thing before you start, I suggest you download a QR-code reader. Each case has a backstory and objective and instead of reading out loud you can have it play with the QR-code reader if you like.

Another thing we like is it is a race to try and find the solution, but even if you get it wrong you are not fully out of the game. You still have ways to interact with other players which is nice. Nothing is worse than when you have to just sit and wait for the game to be done with nothing to do. Also, even if someone does get it all right you can continue to play until everyone has a turn to try and figure it out. It becomes more of a social interaction to let everyone try to figure it out than an actual race to figure it out first.

Overall, we are extremely pleased with this game. Some of the other Sherlock Holmes games are a little bit too heavy. This one has just enough weight as far as complexity is concerned, but also just enough ease of entry. This is one where we know it will go on the shelf after all 13 cases are solved and come back out years later with a potential different group and we won’t remember the solutions. Watson and Holmes is an amazing game that we are happy to send to you, and know you will enjoy it.

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