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Better Box Reveal: June 2020

This month we are very happy to bring you Forbidden Sky from Gamewright. This is the third game in the forbidden series, and they all have been hits with us. In Forbidden Sky you are trying to connect circuits to launch a rocket while trying to not get blown off of platforms or get electrocuted by lightning storms.

All of the Forbidden games play totally differently and this one did not disappoint. The goal is this one is connecting different pieces to make a circuit to have power go to your rocket. The fact that you can own each one and they all play differently, but you understand the underlying concept is awesome. Also, it is very interesting that the difficulty gets increased with each version that has come out. That being said we still have not even beaten this one, but we still absolutely love it. Also, worth mentioning we are EXTREMELY happy to see that this game comes in a box instead of a tin. The tins were a fun novelty but more hassle than what they were really worth.

Forbidden Sky plays 2-5 people working together to launch a rocket. Each player has different player powers and you have to find a way to connect electrical currents to the ship without getting electrocuted or blown off the platforms all while placing tiles. There are different size circuits and beams and they can only be placed in specific
places based on size. Hint: connect the circuits as late as possible to try and avoid getting electrocuted to death right away. Also, there are different difficulty levels for repeated game play.

The components are amazing and make the game even that much more appealing. The beams you use to connect to the circuits and to the rocket make it visually appealing, especially having that rocket standing there waiting to get hooked up. Also, the cherry on top is when you do actually connect the circuit correctly the ship makes noise!!! (we tested it but haven’t actually achieved victory yet) This is a cooperative game that really is a showstopper, with great production values, and easy to play but hard to win. That is exactly what we look for in games. Things you can play over and over again and not get tired of it.

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