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Better Box Reveal: March 2020

Welcome, weary and wicked adventurers, to our March Box: Red Dragon Inn 6: Villains! This game is brought to you by Slugfest Games. Don’t be discouraged by the 6 in the game’s name; while it is an expansion to the first Red Dragon Inn game all numbered expansions are standalone games so you can get the full game experience with just this set plus a whole lot more!

In Red Dragon Inn you play an adventurer who has had a long and arduous day of questing and battles and just want to relax the best way you know how, drinking and gambling. This is a player elimination game, with the last player standing being the big winner! A player is eliminated in one of two ways. The first way is to run out of money, since the tavern wench will eject you if you can no longer pay for drinks. You lose money via various card effects but mainly through one of the game’s core mechanics: gambling! Abbreviated rounds of gambling start with an ante, with players jockeying for control of the pot. The bets can be raised, and nefarious players might legally cheat in order to take down the pot. The other way to be eliminated is if you pass out. Each character has two stats, fortitude and alcohol content. Players can attack each other by playing cards that lower each other’s fortitude, and you will gain alcohol content by drinking a randomly dished out drink at the end of your turn. When your alcohol content and your fortitude are equal, you pass out and the other players loot your body.

So what sets Red Dragon Inn 6 apart from the other expansions? Normally you play as a noble hero, but in this version you play as one of four vile villains! We went with the sixth expansion of Red Dragon Inn not only because of its fun characters but because of the variants of play in it that you won’t find in most other expansions. Dungeon Events can affect all players at varying intervals, increasing the tension and danger of play. Different team variants turn the game into a team vs team game, where the best team can reign supreme. But if you’re looking for a great challenge, this expansion introduces Boss Battles! One villain can try to assert dominance over all the others by adding in their Boss Deck cards for a suped up deck and defeat all the other players who are working together to bring them down.

So watch your drinks, watch your coin stash, and try to be the best bad guy you can be with Red Dragon Inn 6: Villains!

As we like to do about once a year, we are throwing in a pack of our box bands as well. We want to make sure this a game box that does not slid apart and spill its contents.

Unfortunately, we sold out of Red Dragon Inn 6 this month, so if you missed out it is currently gone. But you can check out our other games or sign up for a subscription so you don't miss out in coming months.

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