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Better Box Reveal: May 2020

This month we bring you one of our absolute favorites. As a wretched blight threatens to corrupt everything it touches, noble Druids must harness the power of nature to create lush fields of vibrant life. How will they do it? With the revolutionary Card Crafting System in Mystic Vale from Alderac Entertainment Group.

Mystic Vale is a press your luck deckbuilding game, and a very unique one at that. In a typical deckbuilding game, players start with a generic deck that generates resources with the intention of acquiring new cards to add to it, thereby greatly increasing the number of cards in your deck. What sets Mystic Vale apart is that your deck will only ever be 20 cards. The cards you acquire are actually Advancements which are printed on clear plastic that you slide into the sleeve of the card you wish to add it to, which takes either a top, middle, or bottom slot on the card and adds a powerful effect to the card. Be careful of how many resources you try to accumulate in a turn though, because if you reveal too many Spoil icons the rest of your turn will be skipped. Once the predetermined Victory Point pool is depleted, and the players have taken an equal number of turns, the player with the highest victory point total is the winner!

One of the main reasons that we love this game is the sheer amount of replayablity. Being able to customize every single card in your deck with Advancements opens up numerous strategies from game to game, pretty much all of which are as effective as the next. Pairing the ingenious game engine with some gorgeous artwork, you have a surefire hit that’ll have you setting up another game as soon as you finish. So protect the lands and fight the blight with Mystic Vale!

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