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Better Box Reveal: November 2020

This month we are bringing you Kero from Asmodee. With COVID still being a thing, we decided a 2-player game might be in store as many are limited on who you can play games with. This 2-player game has a Mad Max feel with you risking your kerosene (Kero) to explore and get more fuel. You will compete to explore different territories and collect resources/upgrades all while managing how much Kero you have in your tanker.

First of make sure you spend a bit of time going through the whole rule book. The game isn't a difficult one, but it does take a bit to get started and get everything figured out. At first, we felt that the sand timer trucks were an unnecessary upgrade, but while playing they became one of the most fun pieces to any game we have played. The fact that you cannot see the other half of the timer is interesting as is the fact it is somewhat hard to gauge how much Kero you actually have while the truck is sitting normally makes it a ton of fun.
Basically, this game is all about speed, risk, and time management. You are rolling to try and get certain combinations to either get cards to upgrade yourself or to get explorers out into new territories. The idea that you are on a timer and managing your Kero makes it much more intense. The most intense part seemed to always be when the opponent was refueling. That is when you are rolling to get fire on the dice to limit how much Kero they actually receive. This was so intense and nerve wracking, but probably the most fun part of it all in our opinion.

With multiple locations, cards, and upgrades this game has a ton of re-playability. Especially with the speed and risk elements of time constraints it is a game we are happy to send. There does not seem to be enough 2 player games that are not just fillers so this one really fit the bill for us. We know you will love this game as much as we did, and it seems to fly under the radar. An easy game to teach once you have a game under your belt, but enough to the game where you won’t be bored with it either.


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