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Better Box Reveal: September 2020

Welcome to Tiny Towns from AEG. The game may have Tiny in the name, but it is big on fun! Each player has their own board with a 4 x 4 grid in which to build your town. The goal is to fill your board with as many buildings as possible while paying close attention to the scoring rules for each different building.

During the game the start player will select a resource that all players take and put on their board. Once you have the right color pieces in the right shape, you can remove the resources and building a building in one of the squares. All the different buildings you can build have 4 different versions (with the exception of the cottages) and you will shuffle them and draw a random one for each game. With each variation comes a different color combination and sometimes shape. This adds a wonderful amount of variation to the game to keep your strategy fresh every time out.

Once you’re familiar with the game, you can also add in monuments. These are secret buildings each player has that gives them a special power and point scoring no one else will have.

While the game seems simple at the outset, the strategy of placing your resources on the board to get the right color combos and shapes becomes tricky as your board fills up and you have less and less space. With a few plays you will learn to plan ahead and figure out what buildings to build where and when. But since you can’t control when you will get the different colored resources, you have to hope you get what you need at the right time.

Overall, we really enjoyed this game. It is quick to pick up and learn, and all players play simultaneously, so adding more players doesn’t really add time, just complexity as it takes longer to get your turn to select the color of resource for everyone.

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