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Get your games Organized for 2020

It's a new year and that means its time for resolutions. If you're like most people there are some very common things we try to do every year. One very common thing we plan to do is to get organized. Well, we here at Game Night Gear are here to help with that.

For the entire month of January, we are offering 20% off our entire line of GNG Supplies products. This includes both Box Bands and Bit Baggies.

Box Bands are a great way to protect your game and make sure those games chocked full of components don't come open by accident and spill their contents. If you've never had a copy of Quarriors come open and spill all 130 dice around the trunk of your car, then consider yourself lucky. 

We offer 4 different size bands (4", 6", 8", and 10") in packs of 5 and 50 as well as a Variety Pack with one of each size so you can figure out how many you really need of each size.

Box Band Variety Pack

Bit Baggies are simple packs of 20 resealable baggies available in 3 different sizes (3" x 4", 4" x 6", and 6" x 9"). We all have those games that didn't come with enough storage for all the parts once you start using it. We guarantee these are a great addition to have a few of each size sitting around for when that next situation occurs.

Bit Baggies 3" x 4"


So, what are you waiting for? Make this the year you fulfill your resolution and brag to all your friends. Pick up some box band and bit baggies while they are on sale.

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