The Better Box Board Game Subscription
3 Reasons why you should trust the Better Box
We Play Every Game
We don't just trust the hype. We personally play every game before it has a chance to make it into The Better Box
We Love Every Game
That's right. We only include the games we really love in The Better Box. That means we play a lot of bad board games so you don't have to.
Guaranteed Value
Boxes are $30 + Shipping, but we guarantee at least $40 of product in every, single box.

Pick the Subscription that works best for you

Better Box Subscription

$30.00 (every 1, 2, or 3 months)

For those who play games regularly. Set up your schedule and get either 12, 6 or 4 boxes a year.

Better Box Subscription (1-Month Gift)

$30.00 (1 time only)

For those who want to experience the Better Box without the ongoing commitment.

Better Box Subscription (6-Month)

$171.00 (5% off, billed every 6 months)

For those who really want a new box every month, but want to save some cash. Save 5% every month by paying every 6 months instead.

Better Box Subscription (12-Month)

$324.00 (10% off, billed every 12 months)

For a truly epic year of gaming! You can save 10% off every box by paying every 12 months instead.